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One key aspect of Internet marketing is the ability to corner an appreciable amount of Internet traffic and drive this same traffic towards a location where you earn some sort of revenue from actions which may range from a simple web page visit to a financial purchase. Gaining this traffic comes through a variety of ways in Internet marketing, most which concerns the Internet surfing public at large. Social networks which are a recent development in terms of the Internet have presented an entirely new population and set of users which to market to and derive the benefits of Internet marketing, leading to the term social network marketing.

Social networks on the Internet, consists of sites or services where groups of individuals interact in various activities. Social networks have evolved greatly in more recent times, they range from social networks with specific functions, such as photo sharing sites to social networks with more general purposes such as Facebook where users interact with each other, communicate, share photographs and discuss likes and dislikes that have to do with anything or nothing in particular. Other social networking services such as Twitter enable users interact through 140 character messages which can then be used to spread and share  information.


One of the  many benefits of social network marketing is the speed at which results of marketing efforts can be determined. However, it usually does not matter whether the client has short term or long term goals as social network marketing tends to work well  in either scenario.

Social network marketing involves the targeting of specific populations of social network services  and directing them towards Internet locations where their actions can prove financially beneficial. Simply placing an advert on Facebook that directs teenage rock fans to your online store where rock paraphernalia is sold, is an example of social network marketing but other methods exist and can be worked to a clients benefit as well.

Social network marketing is relatively new territory and an exciting way to target more specific online populations that will deliver needed results. One of our many areas of specialization is to understand the ever-evolving nature of social networks and means to which to leverage social network populations to your marketing advantage. This may sound simple when you consider certain social marketing methods involve advertising, but our methods do not focus on finding you ways to spend your money mindlessly with the hope that results will come. We focus on delivering the best results with the least amount of funds spent.