Internet is a powerful medium of marketing. It proves to be the most vital, as because it forms a lifeline in every business. To improve the volume and quality of traffic – we at Web SEO group serve   you our knowledge, our experience from our expert group of hard working staff. There have both paid and unpaid versions of getting a higher rank in search results. In every way you have to optimize your page so you might rank higher in search results. 

There are two ways of Search engine optimization:

1)      Onsite

2)      Offsite

Onsite Search engine optimization bases the techniques on the following factors:

·        HTML comments

·        Keyword Density

·        Outbound Link Text

·        Same Site Link Texts

·        Same-Site Link URLs

·        The Body Text

·        The Description and Robots tag

·        The first sentence in the body text

·        The first words used per sentence

·        The H1 and H2 Texts

·        The Meta Keywords,

·        The Title Tag

·        The URL





Offsite Search engine optimization bases techniques on the following factors:

·        Exchanging links

·        Directory listing

·        Press releases

·        RSS feed

·        Social bookmarking

·        Tagging

·        Commenting on forums

Techniques as above upgrade a site and its relevance for the particular information on the search engines. But there are varied other elements and purposes of a site that can conveniently push a website up. User experiences on search engine remove the common mistakes made by those who are new.  Our experiences guarantee our client with that added advantages and cost effective ways of saving time. We guarantee sales and revenue delivery with the highest level of technical values. We include audit and personal one-on-one time consultation and implementation regarding your web site SEO through our package and report. We are the best.