On site SEO


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SEO improves the volume and quality of traffic for a website. The theory of optimization involves editing HTML and content associated with specific web page in order to increase relevance for customer.

Over and above link building, blog commenting and social bookmarking, which forms a part of the internet marketing strategies, there are certain  onsite SEO tactics that optimizes your web page for search engine rankings. The following factors form the basis of SEO optimization, particularly onsite ones like:

·        HTML comments

·        Keyword Density

·        Outbound Link Text

·        Same Site Link Texts

·        Same-Site Link URLs

·        The Body Text

·        The first sentence in the body text

·        The first words used per sentence

·        The H1 and H2 Texts

·        The Meta Keywords,

·        The Description and Robots tag

·        The Title Tag

·        The URL


Google, Yahoo, msn, bingo implement advanced on-page SEO necessities to rank pages for their search engines. It is important to have a highly optimized, keyword friendly and reflective content on your web page for the search engines.  In terms of links, tags, text and sentences your sites have to come up super rich and as one of the best, both for the customers as well as for the web crawlers.