OFF site SEO



We at Web SEO group derive and apply the essentials to draw traffic and customers for optimizing your site for the search engines.  Offsite SEO ensures about 95% search engine optimization process.  It collects votes and search phrases to put a rank at your website which is higher than its other probable competitors in the search results.

Off-Site Search Engine optimization is done on websites other than its own. Instead of working on the contents of the web site itself, we put quality links on other websites. This is a kind of help that you draw from other websites who might need your content for themselves as well as direct potential clients to your websites.  It is a form of incoming links, commonly referred to as back links.

It establishes for the search engines that your particular website is the focus of particular information.

Quick and easy way to get back links

  • We create contents that would make people link your site
  • We gather sites with whom you can exchange links
  • We provide directory listing
  • We write and syndicate articles based on a particular focus
  • We can write articles based on your specific keyword that would focus your niche audience and also carry out one way back link to your sites.
  • We create press releases for you ( is the best)

·         We develop and submit RS feed to blogging directories

There are varied ways with which you can get a higher rank for your site like:

  • You can pay for linking sites to different directories as yahoo
  • You can make forum postings
  • You can post comments on your theme related blogs
  • You can buy links

·         You can carry out social bookmarking and tagging.

·         You can even buy link text from other sites which have higher page rank than 5. Such sites are auctioned on EBay.

Remember SEO is important and our experts have knowledge and years of experience to put all the above keys to right use.