Directory Submission



Directory submission is one of the methods recommended and used to enable websites and pages gain in search engine rankings. These subsequent rankings can be of benefit as they further attract a substantial amount of Internet traffic and prime placement in search engine rankings for specific keywords and among website categories. Directory submission methods may involve submitting website links to a directory of high quality links or submitting articles bearing such links to high quality article directories. In both instances such actions will bear some direct benefit in improving the standing of certain websites or web pages in the general scheme of things.

Directories of various qualities exist on the Internet, we specialize in the sourcing of high quality directories where advantages can be gained on behalf of our clients. Another benefit of our directory submission services is the fact that the services we provide are integrated with other services that are of benefit to clients who have just launched an online venture or who have had one for sometime. This means our clients have a solution that does not require them to patronize multiple sources before they find a complete solution for all their needs.

Directory submission can be done manually or automatically but the latter means of carrying out such submissions is full of disadvantages. With each directory listing comes a backlink, in the past people would submit automatically to many directories leading to an immense amount of backlinks and equally great rankings in a short period of time. Search engine providers soon latched on to this trick  and started penalizing websites and web pages for such backlinks which were indicative of abnormal or artificial growth. The best sort of directory submission therefore, is one where submission takes place over a period of time and with a limit to the amount of backlinks generated on a daily basis.

A number of services who may even engage in the preferred manual directory submission simply view their task as a submit and collect venture, whereby submission is made to directories with no follow-up whatsoever and payment collected promptly anyway. We devote an entire staff to exclusively monitor the directory submission campaigns of our clients and make sure the growth seems natural and is positively reflected in search engine rankings and results of our clients websites and web pages.  This approach ensures that the clients money is well-spent and the client also incurs no risk of being penalized by search engines to the detriment of their online venture.